CORTEX 150kg Black Series V2 Rubber Olympic Bumper Plate Set 50mm

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$968.99 $1,399.00
The CORETX 150kg Olympic Bumper (V2) Set is engineered to IWF standards to ensure maximum quality and reliability. Designed for Olympic Lifting, Cross Fit and general gym use the 150kg total package made up of 5kg (Pair), 10kg (Pair), 15kg (Pair), 20kg (Pair) and 25kg (Pair) weight plates set is sure to keep up as you progress. Our Bumper Plates (V2) are engineered to the highest quality with a scratch-resistant rubber surface, grooved edges and a steel core for seamless loading. FEATURES Our CORTEX Olympic Bumper Plates (V2) are designed for Olympic Lifting, Cross fit, and general gym use. New and improved, they are designed to IWF standards of 450mm and are a lot more dense, come thinner than other comparable bumper plates, meaning you can fit more weight onto the bar. Structure: Bumper Plates are encased with in heavy duty rubber and come with inner steel rings. The edges are slightly grooved for better handling. Built to IWF Specifications of 450mm in diameter. Features: Designed for Gym, Commercial use or Home use SET INCLUDES 2x CORTEX 5KG BLACK SERIES V2 BUMPER PLATE 2x CORTEX 10KG BLACK SERIES V2 BUMPER PLATE 2x CORTEX 15KG BLACK SERIES V2 BUMPER PLATE 2x CORTEX 20KG BLACK SERIES V2 BUMPER PLATE 2x CORTEX 25KG BLACK SERIES V2 BUMPER PLATE Package Total Weight: 150kg

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