CORTEX 3 in 1 Plyometric Training Box Plyo Box Jump Box Functional Training

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Explosive training for athletes of any level, the Cortex 3-in-1 Flip Plyo Box has the right challenge for you. Plyometric workouts involve quick and powerful movements like box jumping to improve functional strength and get a good cardio workout. The plyo box is one of the best ways to get a solid plyometric workout, using the box for step-ups, shuffles, and box jumps. Our 3-in-1 Flip Plyo Box has 3 heights (51cm, 61cm, 76cm) to find the right challenge for each exercise. It's easy to switch between heights, simply flip the box to the right side. Clear labelling and colour coding will show you what height it's currently sitting on. At 30kg, the Flip Plyo Box is perfectly weighted to maintain stability when you're going hard, but light enough that it's not difficult to flip. Able to stand up to a heavy workout, our Plyo Box is made with high density foam, and wrapped in heavy duty PVC to prevent wear and tear through extensive usage. Injuries like bruises and scrapes that occur from failed jumps using metal or wooden plyo boxes are reduced using our soft foam boxes. Push yourself to your limit with reduced consequences from bad landings. Find the right height to take your workout to a whole new level with the Cortex 3-in-1 Flip Plyo Box. Features High Density Foam Wrapped in Heavy Duty PVC for Increased Durability 30kg Structure for Stability and Ease of Use Colour Coded and Clear Printing On Sides for Easy Height Identification 51cm, 61cm, and 76cm Heights Available 200kg Max User Weight

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