CORTEX 3m x 2m 50mm Weightlifting Platform Frame Only

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SKU: V420-CSST-PF30205-FM

$338.99 $429.00
Complete your weight lifting platform with the LP04 Weightlifting Platform Frame and Band Pegs. Unlock more workout options by hooking resistance bands onto the band pegs to add extra resistance to dead lifts. For ongoing use, the heavy-duty frame can be bolted to the floor of your dedicated space. The high-quality steel frame helps stabilise and keep the platform and mats intact so you can confidently perform deadlifts, squats and more. GENERAL Heavy Duty Steel Frame 3m wide by 2m long This Frame is designed for a 3m x 2m platform or gym tile combo (50mm thick) 4x band pegs *Please note: Gym Tiles or Platforms are not included in this purchase. Please see our packages for the complete set Occupancy Size: 300cm x 200cm (L x W)

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