CORTEX 90kg Competition Bumper Plates Set

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$1,329.99 $1,699.00

Using the highest quality PolyUrethane, our commercial graded Competition Bumper Plates are built for gyms, studios and serious lifters. PolyUrethane bounces back less than rubber, is odourless and doesn't tear, mould or fall apart. IWF Colour coded and matches IWF size specifications with each plate being 450mm in diameter. Our 90kg comes with the right plates to get you started.

Features: Designed for Gym, Commercial use or Home use

Structure: Our Competition Bumper Plates are encased with in Commercial Grade Polyurethane and come with inner steel rings. The edges are slightly grooved for better handling. Built to IWF Specifications of 450mm in diameter.

- 5kg: 20mm
- 10kg: 40mm
- 15kg: 45mm
- 20kg: 53mm
- 25kg: 56mm

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