CORTEX 90kg Tri-Grip Olympic Plate Set 50mm

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$586.99 $929.00
Our 90kg Tri-Grip Olympic Plate Set is built to commercial standards to withstand the most rigorous workouts and offer a complete upper body workout. Maximise your strength training with the SPARTAN100 Olympic barbell, including Lockjaw Collars, and tri-grip weight plates combining to 90kg. The heavy-duty rubber coating on the Tri-Grip plates allows for easy handling, maximum durability and minimal impact damage. Olympic Tri-Grip Plates are encased with in heavy duty rubber and come with inner steel rings. Designed for Gym, Commercial use or Home use DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 2 x 20kg Tri-Grip Plate (Black) = 40kg 2 x 10kg Tri-Grip Plate (Black) = 20kg 2 x 5kg Tri-Grip Plate (Black) = 10kg 1 x CORTEX SPARTAN100 20kg Olympic Barbell with Lockjaw Collars Weight Plate Set Total of 90kg

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