CORTEX LP10 45 Degree Leg Press and Hack Squat Combo Machine

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For those serious about leg day the LP10 45 Degree Leg Press and Hack Squat is sure to provide a tough strength workout to grow your glutes, quads and hamstring. The 2-in-1 machine offers versatility and comfort to your workout with the removeable cushioned back rest and padded shoulder rest. Maintain great posture and ergonomics with the 45-degree anti-slip footplates so you can maintain your grip throughout heavy lifting.

**Weight plates not included**

45 Degree Leg Press
Removable Seat Cover to interchange for Hack Squats
Top Foot Plate folds back for Hack Squats
Hack Squat Handles
Lock in Levers on Hack Squat and Leg Press positions
4 Weight Storage Pegs, compatible with Olympic weight plates (50mm)

Occupancy Size: 213.6cm x 100cm x 151.6cm (L x W x H)
Net Product Weight: 148kg

Weight Plate Intake - Length of 380mm per side
4 pegs for weight plate storage with 50 mm diameter
Two Hack Squat Shoulder Pads (Padded)
45 degree angled sled on rail & bearings
Steel Frame: 100mm x 50mm Oval Tube, heavy Duty 12-gauge steel (2.5mm)
Max weight of 240kg on Sled Weight Plate Intake
Max weight of 60kg on storage pegs (each)
Angle Adjustable Leg Press Back pad/Hack Squat platform

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