CORTEX MF-4000 Bench

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$304.99 $419.00
Blast out a killer chest workout in your home gym with the Cortex MF-4000 MultiFunction Bench Press system. The MF-4000 has five levels of adjustable angle, 4 of which will target a different section of your chest, from decline to incline. The 90-degree bench is perfect for a range of exercises including bicep curls and shoulder press. The extendable and reversible barbell holder can also be raised to accommodate for squats and military shoulder press, and adjustable barbell hooks can be set to the perfect height for any exercise. Safety spot bars are ready to catch your barbell so you can feel safe pushing yourself to your limit. Activate your core with adjustable leg rollers locking your feet in place for crunches and other ab workouts. More than just a bench press, the MF-4000 is a multifunctional station perfect for any home gym. Features: - Comfort Padded Seat - Safety Spot Bars (150kg Max Weight) - Extendable and Reversible Barbell Holder (120kg Max Weight) - Fully Adjustable Barbell Hooks (150kg Max Weight) - Adjustable Leg Rollers - Huge Full Body Workout Including: - Chest: Flat, Incline, and Decline Bench Press - Shoulders: Shoulder Press, Military Press - Legs: Squats - Arms: Barbell Curls - 250kg Total Max Weight

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