CORTEX Plyo Box 45cm

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$134.99 $159.00
Boost the intensity of your workout with the Cortex Plyo Box 18"(Black). Get the blood pumping with an explosive plyometric workout to improve strength and agility. The 18-inch Plyo Box can be used for high intensity cardio and leg exercises like box jumps. Our plyo boxes are constructed with a high quality steel, making them stable and strong even through intense workouts. With a wider base that tapers up to a smaller platform, the plyo box has a stable base to jump and step into. For greater stability, our boxes have rubber grips on the base to stay firmly planted into the floor. A slip-resistant platform protects users from slipping during explosive workouts, preventing injuries so you won't waste a minute of your workout. Discover the benefits of plyometric exercise with the Cortex Plyo Box 18" (Black). Features High Quality Steel Construction Rubber Grip Base Slip-Resistant Platform Dimensions: 51x51x45cm (LxWxH) 200kg Max User Weight

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