CORTEX Resistance Bands Set & Handles

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$71.99 $109.00
Lifespan Fitness Resistance Loop Bands are perfect for all types of training, stretching and can be used anywhere, at anytime! Handle Features - Steel Handles for resistance band loops for safer and stronger grip - Provides a natural grip and protects the lifetime of the band - Great for upper body, rotational and dead lift exercises Handle Size: 6.5cm x 5.5cm (L x W), 0.6KG pairs Our set includes 5 resistance loop bands varying in difficulty Red: Very Easy - 2.5kg - 10kg in Resistance Value - 5mm wide Blue: Easy - 5kg - 15kg in Resistance Value - 13mm wide Purple: Medium - 15kg - 30kg in Resistance Value - 21mm wide Orange: Hard - 25kg - 45kg in Resistance Value - 32mm wide Green: Very Hard - 35kg - 60kg in Resistance Value - 45mm wide

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