CORTEX Soft Plyo Box Modular Stackable 45cm

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$332.99 $649.00
The plyometric tool that grows with you, the Cortex Soft Plyo Box 45cm gets you jumping higher and higher. Part of a modular set, our Soft Plyo Boxes are designed to be used in combination to progress with you as you improve, or give you access to different exercises. To support stacking, the boxes have Velcro tabs that lock boxes in place to stabilise them through intense workouts. The standalone 45cm box is tall enough for intermediate users to get a powerful burn in their legs. To get your heart racing, try box hops, lateral box jumps, or lateral box shuffle. Our Soft Plyo Boxes are made from a high density EPE foam. Injuries like bruises and scrapes that occur from failed jumps using metal or wooden plyo boxes are reduced using our soft foam boxes. Push yourself to your limit with reduced consequences from bad landings. Wrapped in a heavy duty PVC layer, these boxes stand strong through extensive usage and guarantee lasting performance. Start or progress your plyometric training with the Cortex 45cm Soft Plyo Box. Features Heavy Duty PVC EPE Foam 45cm / 18" Soft Plyo Box Dimensions: 90x75x45cm (LxWxH) 8.5kg Gross Weight

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