CORTEX Tricep Rope Gym Station Attachment

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Rope press-downs are excellent for developing mass and working the triceps through a fuller range of motion. By using the rope, as opposed to a straight or V-bar, you can extend outward at the bottom of the movement and recruit muscle fibers that are not normally used in other triceps exercises. Rope press-downs are also a great finishing exercise, since you can use low weight and still get that deep burn by flaring out toward the bottom. Features - Heavy-duty coated nylon rope with solid rubber ends - Heavy-duty chrome plated attachment connects to any universal gym system - Develops triceps, biceps, back, shoulders and abs - Improves grip strength. - Made out of heavy duty coated nylon that is 1.25" in diameter. 26" in length Custom engineered ball grips provide a stronger grip Rope is supported by forged steel grommet that hooks into any universal gym system.

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