Lifespan Fitness Eva Foam Roller 60*15cm

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$34.99 $69.99
Give yourself a deep tissue massage with the Lifespan Fitness 60cm Grid Foam Roller. Our muscles are in their natural state when they are elastic and flexible. After a tough workout or minor injury, our muscles might become tight and uncomfortable. Rolling a tight muscle over a foam roller has the benefit of massaging, stretching, and releasing deep tissue muscles. The grid pattern on the surface of our foam roller gives you control over the intensity of the pressure you apply. Made from a high density EVA foam with a strong and stable core, this roller is highly durable and appropriate for use in the gym or at home. At 60cm wide, this full size roller is big enough to suit any body type through any type of stretch. Release tight muscles with the Lifespan Fitness 60cm Grid Foam Roller. Features - High Density EVA Foam - Lightweight - Strong Core to Retain Shape - Grid Patterns to Vary Intensity - Suitable for Home and Gym Use - Withstands Wear and Tear, Easy to Clean - Size: 60cm Long, 15cm Diameter

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