Verpeak Adjustable Rubber Dumbbells 20kg VP-DB-113-VS

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20KG - VP-DB-113-VS

Adjustable Rubber Dumbbell (with Barbell)
Floor Friendly; Non-Slip Grip; Sweat-resistant
Equip your home gym with the Adjustable Rubber Dumbbell Set (with Barbell), providing you a multitude of workout options from lightweight high-rep curls to full impact 20KG Squats with the barbell connecting rod.

Train at your own pace with the adjustable weighted plates
Non-slip grip that fits comfortably in your hand
Get into the mood with the familiar gym-quality, non-bendable steel barbell rod
Rust-resistant, sweat-resistant, and floor friendly dumbbells that keep your worries at bay
Take control of the intensity of your workout
Breeze through your snatches with the non-slip grip
Save on that gym membership
No holding back with these sweat-resistant dumbbells

20 KG
Product colour: Black & Red
Weight: 20 KG
Weight Materials: Cement/PVC
Package weight: 21.0 kg
Package dimensions: 14.5 cm x 23 cm x 57.5 cm

In the box:
4x 2kg Dumbbell tablets
4x 1.5kg Dumbbell tablets
4x 1.25kg Dumbbell tablets
2x 41cm Dumbbell Bar
1x 40cm Barbell Connection

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