Verpeak Rubber Hex Dumbbells 22.5kg - VP-DB-109

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SKU: V227-9300302000997

VERPEAK Rubber Hex Dumbbells 22.5kg

Made from a solid cast iron core for an intense workout and timeless durability.

Hex-end Design:
Unlike other regular-shaped dumbbells, your weights will be kept in place while you take a breather from working out.

Optimal Grip:
Designed for your comfort, the grip comes with a textured Diamond Knurling to help you firmly hold onto the dumbbell during a sweaty workout.

We coat the handle with a chrome plating to prevent rusting, as well as the end with rubber to extend the longevity of not only the bar, but your workout floor, you, and your other gym equipment.

Workout Essential:
They are a staple in any gym and or home gym. We have you covered for your whole journey. SPECIFICATION Product Dimensions: 37 x 17 x 15cm Product total Weight: 22.5 KG Weight range (kg): 22.5 KG Product Colour: Chrome handle - Rubber coated weight end Brand: Verpeak Materials: Handle - Chrome plated cast Iron Weight end - Rubber coated Cast Iron
PACKAGE DETAILS In the Box: 1 x 22.5KG Package Weight: 23.5 kg Package Dimensions: 14.5 cm x 17.5 cm x 40.5 cm  

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